DISSIDENT is a cultural content studio converging at the intersecting realms of visual arts, film, music, fashion, sport, emerging technology and international event installation.

We are creative directors and producers teamed up with a global collective of the finest camera technicians, lighting designers, editors, colorists, composers, VFX artists, visual artists, stylists, production designers, architects, choreographers, fabricators, and just about any other trade required to execute an idea.

We work with artists, visionary thinkers, and brands to help translate conceptual ideas into tangible visual material of aesthetic quality and originality. Our collective experience offers a fluency in the long-form visual arts of feature film, television, theater, and performance coupled with an expertise in short-form media such as branded content, music videos, and photography.

We strive to construct culturally relevant projects from the most contemporary of forms that will enhance the broader aesthetic––hopefully adding to the very heart of our cultural world.

We make things. Let’s talk.